Hey there,

If you like action-filled stories that will grip you, have you turning pages, and probably make you laugh at some point, then you are in the right place.

Steve Higgs writes in multiple genres, his head constantly filing with stories that he simply cannot get out fast enough. It has been like that for as long as he can remember but his decision to pursue a career as a writer didn’t occur to him until he was in his forties. Among his passions are urban fantasy, supernatural suspense, and cozy mystery. You can read more about these on the series pages to follow.

All of his books are filled with action and adventure; chase scenes and fighting taking place in almost every book but there is very little foul-language used. It’s a personal choice for the author which mirrors some of his favourite authors such as Lee Child and John Grisham, who have never seen the need to add cussing to their novels. There are no graphic sex scenes either, so if that is your thing, you are in the wrong place. That’s not to say the characters don’t have relations, but the author will build you up to the scene and close the door, allowing you to fill in the bits that occur beyond it.

The cozy mysteries are truly cozy with no cussing, or graphic descriptions of sex or violence whatsoever. They are gentle, fun mysteries much like the Murder, She Wrote series he grew up glued to.

One thing he can promise you is loss of sleep. His readers report this in their reviews regularly, complaining that they couldn’t book the book down until they reached the conclusion and found out who the killer was, or read how the hero would overcome the evil foe he or she faced.

There are a lot of books coming, the end total dependent entirely on how long he lives.

All his books are available in E-Book, Paperback and Audio file. Follow the links on the shop page to access them in each of these formats.