This is my website where you and I will travel with Tempest Michaels and his dysfunctional group of friends as they take on the crazy cases his clients bring him and see if they can find the rational explanations hidden beneath the bizarre.

Is the paranormal real? Tempest adamantly denies that it can be. Frank, the owner of an occult bookshop around the corner fervently believes that it is and has all manner of evidence to support his claims and he is not alone because Tempest has an unceasing supply of customers lining up to secure his services. Throughout his adventures, he will be joined by old Army buddy Big Ben, while mates from the pub Jagjit, Basic and Hillary will find themselves dragged into the mire all too regularly. This is no sausage party though. Tempest meets his match in Amanda, the tough but gorgeous lady cop whom Mr Wriggly is distinctly distracted by and you can bet hot minx, Poison can kick arse when needed, plus just wait until you meet Jane and Debbie.

So what do blokes talk about down the pub? Should a chap date a girl he cannot bench press? Does marriage crush a man’s soul? Are vampires real? What about ghosts? Come with me as we find the answers to all these important questions.

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