Albert Smith Culinary Chronicles

Albert Smith is the author’s most recent project and one which he expects to delight readers with. A year to the day after the death of his wife seventy-eight-year-old retired police superintendent Albert decides to do as his wife always nagged and finally learn to cook.

He’s going to do it his way though, traveling around England to learn the dishes made famous by the towns from which they got their names. Eton Mess, Melton Mowbrey Pork Pies, Shrewsbury tart to name a of those to be explored on his journey.

Of course, everywhere he goes there’s a body or two and he always hangs around long enough to let his keen policeman’s nose sniff out the culprit. He’s not alone though, he has a retired police dog turned assistance dog named Rex Harrison with him. Rex has a bit of an attitude though so as the two of them get into scrapes and Rex gets them out, he always has something to say.

The first book isn’t ready for release yet but the author did a quick tally of the stories he came up with over a pint one evening and had to go for a lie down when he got to seventeen. Sign up for his cozy newsletter by selecting the free Patricia Fisher book from the options at the top of the page if you want to know more.